Yakuza - The Japanese Mafia

nedjelja, 21. veljače 2010.

The word Yakuza literally means "eight-nine-three" and originally it was meant in relation to gambling. Today, however, has taken on other connotations.

The Yakuza is one of the more traditional Japanese Organized Crime groups. The Yakuza are the main power in Japan and have branched out to other Asian countries,as well in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. However Japan remains their main stronghold.

The Yakuza are active in
drugs, gambling, weaponsmuggling, prostitution, construction, extortion, money-laundering and blackmail. In Japan there are over 86,000 so-called. Yakuza, who are members of the consortium that represents a screen for the Mafia. The head of the Yakuza are heads-dictators who are active in the world that has its own rules. In modern Japan it is difficult to find enough reliable and humble followers which could allow access to the clan after a year-long 'internship

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