Freemasons And Conspiracy Theories

srijeda, 10. veljače 2010.

Because of its secrecy, the Freemasons have long been a subject in discussion of various conspiracy theories, in which they are portrayed as power-wielders who want to dominate the world and conduct international policies.

Conspiracy theorists in their thinking often associated symbols and numbers to "deciphered" Masonic puzzle, but often it turns out that these overlapping random.

Historically, Masons are always accused of wanting to create a new society based on ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity, separate church and state, and religious tolerance. This above does not sound so bad, but such a state would only be the artificial creation in service of Masonic nepotism.

Conspiracy theorists often supporting their thoughts on the Freemasons, with the and the real, historical activities of Lodge P2 (propaganda due)

One conspiracy theory is that the Great Seal of the United States contains Masonic symbols. This is true, but as this is because many of the founders were declared as Freemasons, so this was nothing but a form of promoting their own ideas and principles. Great Seal and symbolism are just a reflection of the time without any hidden encrypted message.

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