Rosicrucians and esoteric Christian tradition

subota, 6. veljače 2010.

Rosicrucian Order is preaching Christianity, and argues that the mystery (esoteric knowledge) on which Christ talks in Matthew 13:11 and Luke 8:10.

This society seeks to prepare the individual through harmonious development of mind (occult) and heart (mystic) in a spirit of selfless service to mankind and the acceptance of altruism. According to the company, the source Rosicrucians are established 1313th years and are comprised of 12 enlightened beings gathered around the 13 - Christian Rosenkreutz. These are shown as adept members of human evolution that have already advanced far beyond the circle of rebirth. Their mission is to prepare the world for a new phase in religion-which includes awareness of the inner worlds and the subtle bodies.

Also, their mission and safe guidance through the gradual awakening of the latent human capacity over the next 6 centuries to the time of Aquarius. According to occult writers, this thesis and views are mold as a part of the "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri.

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