Common misconceptions about cults

nedjelja, 10. listopada 2010.

Cults are easy to recognize, they wear strange clothes and live in communes.
Hmm .. some of them yes. But most of them are ordinary people like you and me. They live in houses, wear the same clothes, eat the same food. The leader of the cult does not want you to know that you are being recruited into a cult, because they give the command of their recruits how to dress, speak and act in a way that you can relax. One cult has even invented a phrase to describe it, they call it "plausible relationship". (
"established relationship "," to be connectable ")

Cults are full of weak, weird and emotionally unstable people.
Not true. Many cult members are very intelligent, attractive and skillful. The reality is that all types of people are involved in cults. One of several common denominator is that they were recruited when they were young - more on that later.

Cults are just a bunch of religious patients.
This is a common mistake that people make when they think that cults are purely religious groups only. The modern definition of a cult that controls the mind applies to all groups that use mind control and the cunning techniques of recruitment in this article reveals. Religious system is often distorted to become the basis for these techniques, but techniques are the ones who make a cult of it. In a free society people can believe what they want, but most people will agree that it is wrong that someone wants to deceive and control people.

Christians call all other groups cults.
Essentially, Christians are told that if a group claims to be Christian, and teaches something that is fundamentally different from what the Bible teaches then they are a cult. A Buddhist group that claims to be Buddhist is not a cult but Buddhist group that pretends to be a Christian is.

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