Ku Klux Klan - Its Origin And Growth

nedjelja, 21. veljače 2010.

Ku Klux Klan is a secret white racist terrorist organization, founded in 1865th in America. Klan initially attacked only blacks, but soon expanded its attacks on Republicans, Jews, Catholics and those who spread immorality of any kind.This group is based on hatred towards other nations and races, and it is led by well-organized propaganda policy. Robert Shelton was paying top sociologists, anthropologists and biologists to prove that a black man is inferior biological structure that has a human figure, but will never reach the mental and intellectual format of the white man.

Popularity of the KKK quickly grew, soon after the founding of the Pulaski Klan, the first branch of the Klan was Nashwille. With the arrival of Nathan Bedford Forest on the forehead of Klan, Klan begins to climb. Namely Forest considered that Klan can do much more then just intimidate blacks. Joining war veterans in the Klan and the explanation that the Klan evolved from the need to forcefully respond to tyranny and fear of humiliation in front of the servants who have become masters, Forest recruited 550 000 new members

Although the Klan did not exist as an organization on the basis of territorial and inter-state hierarchy, they still frequently attacked. The attacks were still cruel and brutal, but they were rare until 1915.g. When William Joseph Simons revived Klan. He recruited 4 million new members. The first Klans the target were blacks and Republicans, the second Klan attacked the Jews, Catholics and radicals. Often happened that the blacks who fought under the American flag on the battlefield were killed members of the KKK.

Robert Shelton is the most effective leader in the history of the Klan. In his time, they killed the largest number of blacks. The leaders of the Klan were gathered around the newspaper ''The Klansman'' who often faked data on the number of crimes committed by blacks.

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