Order of the Eastern Star

subota, 6. veljače 2010.

Order of the Eastern Star, created in 1850 by Robert Morris, the poet laureate of Freemasonry is according to their own literature, "the largest fraternal organization in the world they belong to both men and women." This line of its subsidiaries has a majority in America, but also in Italy, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Germany, Australia, China and the Philippines .

Freemasonry in some segments, with a negative reputation had also a reputation as promoter of racial, religious, sexual, ethnic and political equality. All the more surprising by the fact that they did long time ago and the first indication of the idea of these rights and freedoms. With the exception of the (almost) been fully reserved for women, but not in the sense of discrimination, but just the opposite-to become an equal branch of Free Masonry, the Order of the Eastern Star is a good example of the practice of some of the above mentioned features. This Order is a form of Freemasonry which adopted free-learning based on the Bible and whose objectives are humanitarian character, but in reality supposedly speak evil goals of the Illuminati.

And now a little contribution to conspiracy theorists, as shown in the figure using the number Pi 1618 can create a mandala as a perfect Pentagram, which is turned upside down, a symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star. The odd thing is that the seats of Order of the Eastern Star and their closest allies rainbow girls and Job's daughters (which will be discussed later in the text), at the number 1618! Coincidence or a symbolism?

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