The Illuminati Hierarchy

petak, 17. rujna 2010.

The Illuminati have organized their society in an extremely hierarchical, or stratified levels. In fact, the upper level are known as:

Hierarchical levels

Illuminati have divided the U.S. into 7 geographical regions, each region has its own regional council, composed of 13 members, with an advisory board of 3 elders at all. These regions have interaction in order to finance, personnel, teaching, etc. Beneath each regional council, the municipal. This is a council of 13 members, of which the head sits on the Regional Council, and provides information about local groups under his leadership. The municipality will also have an advisory council of 3

Leadership of local councils in a large metropolitan area might look like:

* Head of the municipality (Regional Council report)
* Two agents (managers reporting on all the activities that are under its administration)
* Four administrators (oversee finances, administer, set up group activities)
* Six major trainers (over trainers in local groups, teach other trainers)
* Below the top leadership council, will be six people set as informers or intermediaries, who go to local group meetings, interact with local group leaders, and informed the Council leadership.

Anarchy levels:

Levels below the leadership council are known as anarchy level. Below the mean level, the groups at the local level. It will look like this:

* Local "sister groups" (will vary in number, according to the size of a city or cities in the area).
* Large urban areas may have between ten twenty-seven group.
* Each sister group will be led by:

a) Great Priests and monks: this job is rotated every three years, so that different people within the group can assume leadership roles.
b) Each group will also have different members, with specific roles / positions in the group. These roles will be clarified in Section 2

One thing I want to emphasize is the fact that the Illuminati are today generational. There are members born in the group, which is highly organized, as described above. The appointment, which is explained above is common, with minor variations, with most major metropolitan regions in the United States. Centers with smaller populations will be associated with several cities in the region to create a local council leaders, and will be organized according to similar guidelines, and will be grouped together with several cities in the region to create a local council leadership.

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