The secret government - an illusion or...?

ponedjeljak, 11. listopada 2010.

A little more than one lifetime thinkers, leaders and writers have discovered that there is a "secret government" that runs the political and economic movements. Members of this government know each other, but do not know who the leader of that government is, ie. who is the supreme ruler. Even if one member of that government knows of the sovereign, he does not say it to others, because he is a link that connects the ruler with the government while at the same time the ruler remains hidden. Some members of these governments have admitted that the world is not ruled by presidents and ministers, but other people that even presidents not know.

Di Izraili wrote in 1844: "World is ruled by the people completely different from the rulers of the ordinary people who do not know the essence of things, thought they are the rulers."
Otto Bismarck said that there are invisible forces that rule the world who are planning to organize a united world government. He did not specify these forces, but called them "Imponderabile.
Lamartine confirms that there is a hidden hand that rules the world.

"We want to reign over a hazard, especially an invisible danger that we were all pressed. Where did it come from? And where is it? Nobody knows and nobody has discovered it. It is a secret organization that is hidden to us and you, even they deal with studying the activities of secret societies.

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