Knights Templar - The Ancestors Of Freemasonry?

ponedjeljak, 1. veljače 2010.

Many people speculate that much of a secret Masonic society had arisen from the Knights Templar.

This theory went in favor of the mystique of the order itself, and many legends in which knights Templar talked about as the keepers of the Holy Grail and other relics such as the top-mast, which was pierced Christ on the Cross of the crucified, and even the embalmed head of Christ. When they tragically extinct in 1314th, it is believed that many of the Templars managed to escape to Scotland and there continue their work. Some theories speculate that the mystical rose and Cross Society (rosecruix) is the direct successor of the Knights Templar learning.

What is interesting in the study of secret societies and the Knights Templar is that one of the possible ways of Master Mason who wishes to expand its knowledge mentioned in the so-called Masonic. Scotland ceremony (Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite), whose degrees (one in the south by the northern one jurisdiction) is undoubtedly associate with Templars legacy.

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