Protocols of the Elders of Zion part2

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Even if the Jews are implicated as the main carriers of this conspiracy, it seems that these documents were the work of a secret society called the Illuminati, or Brotherhood of the Snake. Therefore this document is now often called - Illuminati Protocols.

The Jewish people were and still are a victim of their manipulation as well as all other nations.
The Illuminati put themselves outside of the state and nation, although many of them use them more or less, for the purpose of promoting their plan.

Those who have deeply studied the effects of this secret society, they can quickly identify their fingerprints in the 'Protocols'.
Since this is a manipulation of a multidimensional human being, not only in the last 100 years, but from the beginning of time, every one who aspires to true freedom must study some of the method implied here, which this control system is using to control human beings.
We will soon publish the full content of the protocol because, THE WORLD HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW!

Protocols of the Elders of Zion part1

Protocols of the Elders of Zion are also known as the Illuminati Protocols.
These documents have appeared sometime before the end of the 19th century, which means that they are over 100 years old, but today they are also still current because many aspects of people manipulation for the fulfillment of a specific plan, which is mentioned in them. We can see it today if we want to.

Although in the past, on several occasions, tried to imply that it is counterfeit material, now everyone who reads the newspapers, looked past news on television can clearly see how much truth is in them. If we know some basic knowledge of our history, at least past 100 years, then the matter becomes even clearer.

Justina Glinka, the daughter of a Russian general, came to possession of these documents during their stay in France. The documents were first made public in 1905 in Russia, where they were later, after the Communists came to power banned.

The secret government - an illusion or...?

A little more than one lifetime thinkers, leaders and writers have discovered that there is a "secret government" that runs the political and economic movements. Members of this government know each other, but do not know who the leader of that government is, ie. who is the supreme ruler. Even if one member of that government knows of the sovereign, he does not say it to others, because he is a link that connects the ruler with the government while at the same time the ruler remains hidden. Some members of these governments have admitted that the world is not ruled by presidents and ministers, but other people that even presidents not know.

Di Izraili wrote in 1844: "World is ruled by the people completely different from the rulers of the ordinary people who do not know the essence of things, thought they are the rulers."
Otto Bismarck said that there are invisible forces that rule the world who are planning to organize a united world government. He did not specify these forces, but called them "Imponderabile.
Lamartine confirms that there is a hidden hand that rules the world.

"We want to reign over a hazard, especially an invisible danger that we were all pressed. Where did it come from? And where is it? Nobody knows and nobody has discovered it. It is a secret organization that is hidden to us and you, even they deal with studying the activities of secret societies.

Masonic seal on the dollar - Analysis

We have already talked about the character on a back of one dollar bill. Now we will take a bit longer to keep and further explain what it is and we will analyze the seal. The dollar sign was taken from the Masonic "Protocol". English journalist Victor Marsden (not yet clarified under which circumstances he died) has translated the book from titled "Jewish threat" (of which we'll talk more later). In this book Marsden says:

It seems to me that this sign is a seal Protocol, and the charted light pyramid is a symbol of their ancient connection with the pharaohs of Egypt. "

Ancient Chinese wisdom says that the triangle on the water is a symbol of evil, and the circle represents the killing and bloodshed.
Pyramid symbolize existence of dictatorial governments covered guise of different systems, communism, socialism, democracy, fascism ...
A protestant leader in America, Bath Robertson is convinced that the dollar sign printed on has absolutely nothing to do with the liberation of America (as spoken of in the beginning). Rather he argues that it is a sign of Adam
Weishaupt, founder of the organization called "Illuminati." It is stated further that the organization is penetrated in all the major world organizations and centers: the Communist Party of Russia, American Chamber of interests, the Federal protective panel, the American movement "New Testament"...

On a target of the Freemasons - Bobby Frank

It is 1920. - a young man from Chicago is mysteriously murdered. He was killed after he decided to leave the Zionist organization called "Kaballah" in which is the majority of young men from prominent Jewish families of America. He was killed as he left the organization and accepted the new faith. A police inspector in Chicago, R. Watson, solved the case and caught the two killers, not long time after questioning they confessed the murder. It is also interesting as an inspector after a detailed examination of the killers of young men learned among other things that the young man accepted the "Muhammad's" religion. Further course of events is shrouded in mystery. Organization that paid the killers belonged to the then best lawyers in America to represent them.

Inspector was not allowed to attend the trial at the beginning, and later he had to leave town Chicago until the end of process. But that was not the end, the inspector was not long after fired because he started to warn about the Zionist conspiracy (one of the symbols is on the back of one dollar). With this murder, Masonic organization has removed yet another proof of their filthy activities and even more filthy plans.

Israel Regardie and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

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Golden Dawn system of magic is designed to teach its students ezoteric abstract knowledge and practical applications of ceremonial magic; Egypt Judeo-Christian, Greek, Gnostic, Rosicrucian, and Masonic elements can all be found within the teachings of G. D. The curriculum includes the study of Kabbalah, astrology, divination, inner alchemy, Egyptian magic, clairvoyance and Enochian magic.

This website is not intended to be a system for recruiting those individuals who seek initiation into the Temple of the Golden Dawn, but rather to be a source of information for all students and practitioners of Western ezoteric tradition. Occasionally there will be complemented by occasional new article and more information and news.

Israel Regardie

Mentor and leading light of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was the late Dr. Israel Regardie.
Regardie clear and undeniable desire was that any and all spiritual seekers can get something from the teachings of the Golden Dawn for their own growth and evolution.

Before he died on 10th March 1985., Israel Regardie was considered by many as the last living Adept of very living magical movement known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The tradition represented by the Golden Dawn and later its two incarnations, Stella Matutina and Alpha et Omega, formed after the original order collapsed on the various factions, has attracted many famous occultists of the late 19th and early 20 century. Among them were Dr. William W. Westcott, Samuel L. Mathers, Arthur Edward Waite, William Butler Yeats, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune. And even in the exceptional group of highly educated mage Regardie has a very high authority.

Common misconceptions about cults

Cults are easy to recognize, they wear strange clothes and live in communes.
Hmm .. some of them yes. But most of them are ordinary people like you and me. They live in houses, wear the same clothes, eat the same food. The leader of the cult does not want you to know that you are being recruited into a cult, because they give the command of their recruits how to dress, speak and act in a way that you can relax. One cult has even invented a phrase to describe it, they call it "plausible relationship". (
"established relationship "," to be connectable ")

Cults are full of weak, weird and emotionally unstable people.
Not true. Many cult members are very intelligent, attractive and skillful. The reality is that all types of people are involved in cults. One of several common denominator is that they were recruited when they were young - more on that later.

Cults are just a bunch of religious patients.
This is a common mistake that people make when they think that cults are purely religious groups only. The modern definition of a cult that controls the mind applies to all groups that use mind control and the cunning techniques of recruitment in this article reveals. Religious system is often distorted to become the basis for these techniques, but techniques are the ones who make a cult of it. In a free society people can believe what they want, but most people will agree that it is wrong that someone wants to deceive and control people.

Christians call all other groups cults.
Essentially, Christians are told that if a group claims to be Christian, and teaches something that is fundamentally different from what the Bible teaches then they are a cult. A Buddhist group that claims to be Buddhist is not a cult but Buddhist group that pretends to be a Christian is.

Why do people join cults?

Many people, especially young people, are completely disappointed with the society. The policy does not provide answers. Science creates more problems than it solves. Mechanistic world view on people and society has led to the impairment of human personality, whose require their real identity.

The future looks scary because of the threat of nuclear war and the exhaustion of natural resources. At the same time, family life does not provide security, a church looks weak in the West.
People seeking help. In many cases it seems that cults provide an answer. They have a highly organized system in which people could trust and engage. They show real interest in new members and the right to delight in spreading their message.

Can a Christian be Freemason?

Freemasons claim that they accept all religions. However, their study contains much from which Christians can not agree. 'Lost Name of God' is an important subject in all rites of Freemasonry.

The rite of initiation, the candidate is presented to God as YOU, the big architect of the universe.
As 'Wayfarer-Mason', teach him about the name JHVH - short for Jehovah. As a master-mason learns that there is learning more about the mysterious name that is found in the degree of 'royal architecture. "
Mystical name is revealed as a combination of Jewish and Middle Eastern names for God, which no one can ever pronounce than three royal architectural Mason, each of which speaks only one syllable. Masons have many gods are considered equal to Jesus. Masonic literature denies that Jesus is the only Savior of the world. Masons reject Christ's death on the cross as the only God's deliverance from sin. Salvation depends on deeds, not faith in God. Holy Books of many religions, the Vedas and the Quran as being equally worthy of God's revelation.

In introducing the association, a candidate must admit that he is in the darkness and must reach out for the light.
Christians believe they have found the true light, Jesus said: "I am the light of the world" (John 8:12)

Freemasonry - How it all started?

In the Middle Ages, all crafts had their own guilds and secret passwords to help its members hold at least a minimum of work to prevent exploiting them. One such group of craftsmen were Freemasons who have traveled from one country to another, helping to build churches and cathedrals.

Close to the object being built and temporary dwellings, built by the 'Lodge', where they spent their leisure time. As the cathedral built by less, so the Masons began to receive honorary members to increase the number of their associations. During the seventeenth century, the masons who are really engaged in a masterful job, expelled from his title of 'free', while the 'theoretical' members took the title of 'free and accepted' and have won the pomp and ceremony of ancient religious orders.
In 1717 they established the first Grand Lodge in England. In 1725th a group of English noblemen, who resided in Paris, founded the lodge and there will soon be Freemasonry spread throughout Europe. One prominent member was Count Cagliostro (1743-95), he claimed that he could make gold, miraculous healing, sexual power and extend life to 5557 years. He ruled Lyon Lodge and formed his own branch of "Egyptian Masonry" which included the women's lodge, over which was chaired by 'Queen of Sheba'.

A Freemason, may become a grown man who believes in the existence of a supreme being and the immortality of the soul - and can pay a membership fee.
The very person may seek to join, in a way suggesting that future candidates would have gladly received as a member if he so desires. Initiation or entry into society is very dramatic and filled with symbolism.