Yakuza - The Japanese Mafia

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The word Yakuza literally means "eight-nine-three" and originally it was meant in relation to gambling. Today, however, has taken on other connotations.

The Yakuza is one of the more traditional Japanese Organized Crime groups. The Yakuza are the main power in Japan and have branched out to other Asian countries,as well in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. However Japan remains their main stronghold.

The Yakuza are active in
drugs, gambling, weaponsmuggling, prostitution, construction, extortion, money-laundering and blackmail. In Japan there are over 86,000 so-called. Yakuza, who are members of the consortium that represents a screen for the Mafia. The head of the Yakuza are heads-dictators who are active in the world that has its own rules. In modern Japan it is difficult to find enough reliable and humble followers which could allow access to the clan after a year-long 'internship

Ku Klux Klan - Its Origin And Growth

Ku Klux Klan is a secret white racist terrorist organization, founded in 1865th in America. Klan initially attacked only blacks, but soon expanded its attacks on Republicans, Jews, Catholics and those who spread immorality of any kind.This group is based on hatred towards other nations and races, and it is led by well-organized propaganda policy. Robert Shelton was paying top sociologists, anthropologists and biologists to prove that a black man is inferior biological structure that has a human figure, but will never reach the mental and intellectual format of the white man.

Popularity of the KKK quickly grew, soon after the founding of the Pulaski Klan, the first branch of the Klan was Nashwille. With the arrival of Nathan Bedford Forest on the forehead of Klan, Klan begins to climb. Namely Forest considered that Klan can do much more then just intimidate blacks. Joining war veterans in the Klan and the explanation that the Klan evolved from the need to forcefully respond to tyranny and fear of humiliation in front of the servants who have become masters, Forest recruited 550 000 new members

Although the Klan did not exist as an organization on the basis of territorial and inter-state hierarchy, they still frequently attacked. The attacks were still cruel and brutal, but they were rare until 1915.g. When William Joseph Simons revived Klan. He recruited 4 million new members. The first Klans the target were blacks and Republicans, the second Klan attacked the Jews, Catholics and radicals. Often happened that the blacks who fought under the American flag on the battlefield were killed members of the KKK.

Robert Shelton is the most effective leader in the history of the Klan. In his time, they killed the largest number of blacks. The leaders of the Klan were gathered around the newspaper ''The Klansman'' who often faked data on the number of crimes committed by blacks.

Freemasons And Conspiracy Theories

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Because of its secrecy, the Freemasons have long been a subject in discussion of various conspiracy theories, in which they are portrayed as power-wielders who want to dominate the world and conduct international policies.

Conspiracy theorists in their thinking often associated symbols and numbers to "deciphered" Masonic puzzle, but often it turns out that these overlapping random.

Historically, Masons are always accused of wanting to create a new society based on ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity, separate church and state, and religious tolerance. This above does not sound so bad, but such a state would only be the artificial creation in service of Masonic nepotism.

Conspiracy theorists often supporting their thoughts on the Freemasons, with the and the real, historical activities of Lodge P2 (propaganda due)

One conspiracy theory is that the Great Seal of the United States contains Masonic symbols. This is true, but as this is because many of the founders were declared as Freemasons, so this was nothing but a form of promoting their own ideas and principles. Great Seal and symbolism are just a reflection of the time without any hidden encrypted message.

The Assassins (Hashshashin)

The Assassins or the Hashshashin have aroused a lot of stories about them, and entered into legend. This clan was created at the end of XI century, founder was the famous Hasan-ben-Sabah from Horasana (Persia).

Having won the fortress Alamut in northern
Persia, has argued that he is a incarnation of the last Imam, and collected a large number of supporters. "The old man on the mountain" was seized a large number of fortifications, both in Persia and in Syria, and his dominance quickly spread, thanks to so claimed the enemies of the Order - paid assassins who become fanatics with the help of Indian hemp or hashish (hence their name "The Assassins "), who had the task to kill all those who represented an obstacle to their goals of domination.

Initiation hierarchy closely subordinated to the Grand Master Sheikh or implied seven degrees, as in the classical Ismailism.

After Hasan's death, 1124th year, when he was ninety years, the Assassins might still grow. But in Syria, they clashed with the Knights Templar, who had many forts in the south hills Ansariex and led them fierce war bending they even pay tribute to them (one could think that the Knights Templar borrowed from the Assassins their esoteric doctrine).

The second part of the thirteenth century, the Assassins suffered the ultimate end, as in Syria and in I

Order of the Eastern Star

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Order of the Eastern Star, created in 1850 by Robert Morris, the poet laureate of Freemasonry is according to their own literature, "the largest fraternal organization in the world they belong to both men and women." This line of its subsidiaries has a majority in America, but also in Italy, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Germany, Australia, China and the Philippines .

Freemasonry in some segments, with a negative reputation had also a reputation as promoter of racial, religious, sexual, ethnic and political equality. All the more surprising by the fact that they did long time ago and the first indication of the idea of these rights and freedoms. With the exception of the (almost) been fully reserved for women, but not in the sense of discrimination, but just the opposite-to become an equal branch of Free Masonry, the Order of the Eastern Star is a good example of the practice of some of the above mentioned features. This Order is a form of Freemasonry which adopted free-learning based on the Bible and whose objectives are humanitarian character, but in reality supposedly speak evil goals of the Illuminati.

And now a little contribution to conspiracy theorists, as shown in the figure using the number Pi 1618 can create a mandala as a perfect Pentagram, which is turned upside down, a symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star. The odd thing is that the seats of Order of the Eastern Star and their closest allies rainbow girls and Job's daughters (which will be discussed later in the text), at the number 1618! Coincidence or a symbolism?

Rosicrucians and esoteric Christian tradition

Rosicrucian Order is preaching Christianity, and argues that the mystery (esoteric knowledge) on which Christ talks in Matthew 13:11 and Luke 8:10.

This society seeks to prepare the individual through harmonious development of mind (occult) and heart (mystic) in a spirit of selfless service to mankind and the acceptance of altruism. According to the company, the source Rosicrucians are established 1313th years and are comprised of 12 enlightened beings gathered around the 13 - Christian Rosenkreutz. These are shown as adept members of human evolution that have already advanced far beyond the circle of rebirth. Their mission is to prepare the world for a new phase in religion-which includes awareness of the inner worlds and the subtle bodies.

Also, their mission and safe guidance through the gradual awakening of the latent human capacity over the next 6 centuries to the time of Aquarius. According to occult writers, this thesis and views are mold as a part of the "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri.

The New World Order and the Illuminati

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The theory of the new world order means the belief that an organization, in this case the Illuminati seeks the realization of the centralization of world politics and the creation of a secular world government.

New World Order is a totalitarian organization, and its organizers absolute power. Some of the specific objectives are abolition of private property and rights to possession of weapons, all elections are controlled by the United Nations, the Constitution of the United States replaced the UN Charter, the abolition of home schooling curriculum and the introduction of the world.

The Illuminati order approach to this target secretly. Their method of reaching the world power is not through military power or a public revolt, but the operation behind the scenes. Illuminati never appear in public, they are working secretly - infiltrate their members into high government positions of powerful countries using bribery and blackmail. This is the rule of the invisible hand.

Members of the Illuminati don't have the goal to achieve world government during their life, but gradually carry out the preparation and conduct of world politics toward centralization, with the United Nations as the headquarters for all operations. Manipulation of the media plays a central role, as well as setting the key people at the head of important organizations.

Priory of Sion: Myths and legends

Although Priory of Sion did not had a significant historical and social role, the general public today is amused with various legends that are associated with this company. The most interesting is one that speaks about Plantard conspiracy. Pierre Plantard wanted Priory of Sion to become crypto-political esoteric-Christian Knights order, whose mission is to set up the Great King to the French throne, and whose arrival is predicted by Nostradamus. Some independent researchers speculate that this whole story was pre-planned prank that Plantard built his own cult of personality in esoteric circles. In the period between the 1961st and 1984. Plantard the company earned mystical "pedigree." He claimed that the new Priory of Sion successor to the Roman Catholic religious order founded in Sion Church, the abbey in the kingdom of Jerusalem during the First Crusade War 1099th , and by the 1617th in its ranks absorb Jesuits. People often confuse Abbey Sion and Priory of Sion, not knowing the difference.

Also, 1960. Plantard began creating manuscripts and possessed "a medieval parchment" that contained an encrypted message for the alleged Priory of Sion. Alleged parchment were also forged, and made by his friend Philippe de Cherisey.

Knights Templar - The Ancestors Of Freemasonry?

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Many people speculate that much of a secret Masonic society had arisen from the Knights Templar.

This theory went in favor of the mystique of the order itself, and many legends in which knights Templar talked about as the keepers of the Holy Grail and other relics such as the top-mast, which was pierced Christ on the Cross of the crucified, and even the embalmed head of Christ. When they tragically extinct in 1314th, it is believed that many of the Templars managed to escape to Scotland and there continue their work. Some theories speculate that the mystical rose and Cross Society (rosecruix) is the direct successor of the Knights Templar learning.

What is interesting in the study of secret societies and the Knights Templar is that one of the possible ways of Master Mason who wishes to expand its knowledge mentioned in the so-called Masonic. Scotland ceremony (Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite), whose degrees (one in the south by the northern one jurisdiction) is undoubtedly associate with Templars legacy.

The Green Dragon Society

This order society is the Japanese secret society dedicated to master the human body and weather organism or "ethereal body". Mastery of these skills enabled, obviously, a great power. Also, the members of this society had the ability to predict. Other sources say that they could master the elements within your body where it probably just thought those eastern. Higher levels of initiation are required candidates to their own will force the seed to forth. Japanese rules differ from the Western secret societies precisely express the requirements for proof, and also the price of failure.

The last members of the Association of Green Dragon disappeared in 1959, the arrival of the Chinese Communists after the annexation of Tibet.