The New World Order and the Illuminati

četvrtak, 4. veljače 2010.

The theory of the new world order means the belief that an organization, in this case the Illuminati seeks the realization of the centralization of world politics and the creation of a secular world government.

New World Order is a totalitarian organization, and its organizers absolute power. Some of the specific objectives are abolition of private property and rights to possession of weapons, all elections are controlled by the United Nations, the Constitution of the United States replaced the UN Charter, the abolition of home schooling curriculum and the introduction of the world.

The Illuminati order approach to this target secretly. Their method of reaching the world power is not through military power or a public revolt, but the operation behind the scenes. Illuminati never appear in public, they are working secretly - infiltrate their members into high government positions of powerful countries using bribery and blackmail. This is the rule of the invisible hand.

Members of the Illuminati don't have the goal to achieve world government during their life, but gradually carry out the preparation and conduct of world politics toward centralization, with the United Nations as the headquarters for all operations. Manipulation of the media plays a central role, as well as setting the key people at the head of important organizations.

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