Priory of Sion: Myths and legends

četvrtak, 4. veljače 2010.

Although Priory of Sion did not had a significant historical and social role, the general public today is amused with various legends that are associated with this company. The most interesting is one that speaks about Plantard conspiracy. Pierre Plantard wanted Priory of Sion to become crypto-political esoteric-Christian Knights order, whose mission is to set up the Great King to the French throne, and whose arrival is predicted by Nostradamus. Some independent researchers speculate that this whole story was pre-planned prank that Plantard built his own cult of personality in esoteric circles. In the period between the 1961st and 1984. Plantard the company earned mystical "pedigree." He claimed that the new Priory of Sion successor to the Roman Catholic religious order founded in Sion Church, the abbey in the kingdom of Jerusalem during the First Crusade War 1099th , and by the 1617th in its ranks absorb Jesuits. People often confuse Abbey Sion and Priory of Sion, not knowing the difference.

Also, 1960. Plantard began creating manuscripts and possessed "a medieval parchment" that contained an encrypted message for the alleged Priory of Sion. Alleged parchment were also forged, and made by his friend Philippe de Cherisey.

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