Scientology, the basic principles and a closely guarded secret ...

subota, 18. rujna 2010.

Scientology is a philosophical religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard. A former writer of science fiction novels founded the first Church of Scientology of California 1954th in mind autopsychological method which has grown from his earlier thought of self-help system 'Dianetics'.

It is important to point out that people are not attracted to Scientology by telling them an incredible SF story which seems to have fallen out of Sirius. But ... the story of Xenu is told only when followers of Scientology are already for long time brainwashed, so this story can be served to them. Because, hand on heart this story could be swallowed only by a small portion of the population as those no lifers, which are dressed in Jedi suits and believe in the force.

Theology (let's call it so) of the Church of Scientology, which comes to recruiting new followers in short that it could perhaps be described as Audi's slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" or progress through technology. Scientology was initially
established as a secular philosophy. Shortly after the founding of Scientology as a philosophy, Scientology is formed into a religion or applied religious philosophy.

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