Rituals and secret societies

četvrtak, 9. rujna 2010.

There are many kinds of ritual magic. Each has its own technique and its followers, but is increasingly common to strictly adhere to the mystical ceremonies and protocol.

In the past it was believed that religion was appealing, and the magic is forcing the gods. At the upper levels of European magic - which derives from the time of Sumer, Babylon and Egypt - wizards are trying to force Force Majeure to allow them control over the souls in order to increase personal power and strengthen his transcendental wisdom. In these efforts, it was thought that the central power lies in words, that is, formulas that are spelled during the incantation and preparation costs. For this purpose, using the names of certain spirits.
Wizards have, the biblical statement "In the beginning was the word"
in fact accepted literal, believing that knowing secret names of spiritual beings has a key feature and that means power over them. Therefore, each preceded by a certain magic incantation ritual.

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