Interview with former Illuminati programmer

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About Svali:

Svali was a programmer and trainer in the cult of the Illuminati. And she and her entire family were involved in a cult group until a few years ago when they finally freed. She is a consultant on-line group of survivors (former members of the Illuminati, who were also freed from them) by helping people to deal with matters of cult and ritual abuse programming.

(Svali was born in the old Illuminati family and only after thirty years of life and work as a programmer of mind for Iluminati she managed to escape from them)

Svali, a writer and a nurse, has published a book on the release of the cult of the program, which has several experts in the area said they were in her "invaluable information" for survived from ritual abuse.

Born in the Illuminati, friends fear for her safety after she disappeared

After she went public with details about her life experience with Illuminati, including childhood torture and brainwashing, Svali disappeared.

26 Jul 2006

From Greg Szymanski

In January, a woman named Svali told an incredible story about how she was born in Iluminati and testified that the child was sacrificed in the catacombs of the Vatican. Her eyewitness testimony was confirmed by Italian woman named Maria, who suffered through the same kind creepy ceremony, told her story to this reporter only weeks before she allegedly took her own life by jumping off the roof in Vatican at the beginning of 1980th

Having interviewed both women, the details of the sacrifice of kids in the Vatican are incredibly similar to the detailed descriptions of areas where victimization occurred, as well as detailed information about the satanic ceremonies.

Details of both stories can be found in the Arctic Beacon archives under four part series entitled "Secrets of the Dangerous Illuminati." Although Maria was found dead on the pavement, St. Peters Square under suspicious circumstances, Svali remains alive, giving an exclusive interview on Greg Szymanskis-in radio show, The Investigative Journal, in January 2006.

However, lately the word of a trusted source, lay disappeared, and all attempts to contact her proved futile. Furthermore, its pretty detailed web pages are lowered and her telephone number disconnected.

One of her close friend who wished to remain anonymous, fears something serious happened. With this in mind in trying to protect the public and maintain its story alive, Arctic Beacon has published the transcript of her lengthy interview from her appearance with Greg on the Investigative radio show 17th January 2006th

Interview With Svali

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