Ritual Instruments

četvrtak, 9. rujna 2010.

There are many kinds of ritual magic. Each has their own technique. "Beginner" ritual magic-candle when it spreads and light a candle, which follows the incantation, and to a certain phase of the moon. This simple ritual with scorn rejecting a serious connoisseur who for any "work" meticulously prepared.

For the upcoming ceremony follower will spend a few days - usually
nine - preparing the body and soul. In this post include, sexual abstinence, ritual washing, prayers and meditation on the subject of "action" that will take.

Date and time for the ceremony shall be determined in accordance with traditional laws of astrology and the traditional teachings of suitable and unsuitable for days. Magic rituals that aim to increase something (such as the achievement of material wealth, knowledge or power) will be done during the growth phase of the moon, it seems aimed at reducing (such as cure of a disease that will occur when the body reduce the number of diseased cells), are carried out at a time when the moon fades and becomes less visible. However, the most important magic rituals are traditionally performed during new and full moon.

Followers must be collected and paid to the ritual instruments - everyone, if possible, must be made by his hand, from material that previously no one used. Among these instruments are required: the altar, chalice, tripod, lamp, flashlight and stick (the rituals dedicated to "left hand path" - black magic - used mac and villas, or trident).

Stick, probably the most precious of all instruments must be made from the branches of almond or hazelnut, cut with a golden sickle in the early morning and wrapped rings of copper and zinc. It must be to bless the second wizard which itself has a dedicated staff.

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