How Do the Illuminati Make Money? part 1

petak, 17. rujna 2010.

The Illuminati are involved in many areas to earn money they need for further funding to survive and progress. There are several illegal projects that are included, as well as legal.

Drug trafficking

Illuminati are linked to Colombian mafia, but for years, helping each other by injection of drugs into the U.S.. They also give couriers for taking drugs and money from the state. Illuminati are mostly wealthy businessmen, who have 4 layers of people below them. The fourth layer down actually has contact with people in the drug industry. They never identify them self as Illuminati, just as people interested in investing, getting profits, and are very secretive. In return, the local groups supply people willing to send their money or drugs, or people willing to be a cover for a local business.


Illuminati in many cities are associated with pornography / prostitution / child prostitution / and white slavery sales. Again, several layers are present, as a buffer between the "administration" and those who are involved in these activities, and play the game, financed or paid for these activities.
Children often come from local cult groups and lessons are to be Children of prostitutes (and later, adult prostitutes), are photographed and filmed in every type of pornography available, including "snuff films" and violent films.

Arms trade

Illuminati and other groups are also involved in international sales and delivery of weapons. Illuminist have well trained couriers who will cross international and state lines. These messengers are very secretive and do not reveal their sources, are willing to commit suicide or murder. These people are accountable to others above them, with two more "buffer layer" above these people, before it comes to people with money, the Illuminati, which helps to finance this.

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