The Skull and Bones Society

subota, 2. siječnja 2010.

The Skull and Bones is a secretive elite fraternity established at Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut in 1832. This fraternity is known informally as Bones, and members are known as Bonesmen. Mystery has always surrounded it since its members are sworn to secrecy, and no one can admit what goes on in it. The group is very small in comparison to other groups it's members are among the most powerful people in the world.There are about 800 living members at any one timeMembers of the Skull and Bones go on to highly successful careers in education, banking, law, industry, and government. A large number of those have gone on to important positions in the organizations like the CIA. Members of Skull and Bones include George Herbert Walker Bush and his son George W. Bush, both Presidents of the United States. Rituals of Skull and Bones society take place in the organization's campus building which is called the Tomb, some of them are claimed to be related to Satanic practices. There are also reports that the Skull and Bones society has ideals of racial purity and accumulation of power by any means. Conspiracy theories about the Skull and Bones are almost as old as the society itself. The group has been blamed for just about everything that goes wrong in the world. Some conspiracy theorists have alleged that the society has ties to the Thule Society, which was involved in the foundation of Third Reich, and the Vril Society, also a society deeply involved in Nazism.

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