Masonic seal on the dollar - Analysis

ponedjeljak, 11. listopada 2010.

We have already talked about the character on a back of one dollar bill. Now we will take a bit longer to keep and further explain what it is and we will analyze the seal. The dollar sign was taken from the Masonic "Protocol". English journalist Victor Marsden (not yet clarified under which circumstances he died) has translated the book from titled "Jewish threat" (of which we'll talk more later). In this book Marsden says:

It seems to me that this sign is a seal Protocol, and the charted light pyramid is a symbol of their ancient connection with the pharaohs of Egypt. "

Ancient Chinese wisdom says that the triangle on the water is a symbol of evil, and the circle represents the killing and bloodshed.
Pyramid symbolize existence of dictatorial governments covered guise of different systems, communism, socialism, democracy, fascism ...
A protestant leader in America, Bath Robertson is convinced that the dollar sign printed on has absolutely nothing to do with the liberation of America (as spoken of in the beginning). Rather he argues that it is a sign of Adam
Weishaupt, founder of the organization called "Illuminati." It is stated further that the organization is penetrated in all the major world organizations and centers: the Communist Party of Russia, American Chamber of interests, the Federal protective panel, the American movement "New Testament"...

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