Black Hand (unification or death)

nedjelja, 7. ožujka 2010.

The Black Hand (officially unification or death) is a serbian secret and conspiratorial terrorist organization whose aim is unification of all parts where Serbs live in one country (Serbia).

Kingdom of Serbia continues to strengthen the organization and unification of death, known as the Black Hand, especially popular in the (high) military circles and people who have directly led to power Petar Karađorđević. Unification or death occurs 1911th in the circle of people who have led the government of Yugoslavia, and they felt called to continue to make decisions in critical situations in the country. The leader of the organization was most likely Dragutin Dimitrijević - Apis

Initiation of the members was maximum possible secret and mystic, and the organization received the people of other nationalities as well.

Also, Gavrilo Princip, a member of another organization called "Young Bosnia", supported by the "Black Hand", killed on 28 June 1914th in Sarajevo, Austrian Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand and gave the reason for the World War I.

Terrorist organization Black Hand exists to this day.

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