Chinese Triads (secret criminal organization)

nedjelja, 7. ožujka 2010.

Triad Society is a secret Chinese criminal organization.

Chinese Triad organization is named so because of the use of numbers expressed in rituals, which comes from the belief in their magical significance. For members of these organizations number three has a special significance, hence comes the name of the triads. Symbol of the organization is equilateral triangle whose sides symbolize the three basic concepts of heaven, earth and man.

Chinese triads are probably the oldest of all organized crime organization. Historians triad determine the existence of secret societies, but in the fifth century BC. triads were involved in the Taiping rebellion in the nineteenth century, a revolution in the Sun Yat-Sen from the 1911th year in the fight against Japan, 1937-1945. year. During opium wars they were selling opium to British trading companies that have brought opium from India. After China banned opium, they managed to survive by selling heroin. Even today, trade and sale of heroin is the work of Chinese triad. It is thought to hold two thirds of the world market of heroin, which is mainly intended for sale in the United States. They are also dealing with trafficking of illegal migrants in Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA.

Triads are growing rapidly. In Hong Kong they have for more than a century a window to the world and many of the major gangs are located in Hong Kong, with the presence of brotherhoods like Wo Shing Wo and Sun Hee He.

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