On a target of the Freemasons - Bobby Frank

ponedjeljak, 11. listopada 2010.

It is 1920. - a young man from Chicago is mysteriously murdered. He was killed after he decided to leave the Zionist organization called "Kaballah" in which is the majority of young men from prominent Jewish families of America. He was killed as he left the organization and accepted the new faith. A police inspector in Chicago, R. Watson, solved the case and caught the two killers, not long time after questioning they confessed the murder. It is also interesting as an inspector after a detailed examination of the killers of young men learned among other things that the young man accepted the "Muhammad's" religion. Further course of events is shrouded in mystery. Organization that paid the killers belonged to the then best lawyers in America to represent them.

Inspector was not allowed to attend the trial at the beginning, and later he had to leave town Chicago until the end of process. But that was not the end, the inspector was not long after fired because he started to warn about the Zionist conspiracy (one of the symbols is on the back of one dollar). With this murder, Masonic organization has removed yet another proof of their filthy activities and even more filthy plans.

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can you tell me the source of story ?

The story is very important and I want to know the source.
i hope to tell me the name of book for story .

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