Ordo Templi Orientis

četvrtak, 31. prosinca 2009.

Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the East, or the Order of Oriental Templars) was founded 1906. by Karl Kellner and Theodore Reuss in Germany. The OTO is a pseudo masonic organization. The Order is dedicated to the Liberty of the Individual and his or her advancement in Light, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and Power through Beauty, Courage, and Wit, on the Foundation of Universal Brotherhood. The immediate precursor organization was the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, a mystical society founded in the mid 19th century, with branches in Europe and North America. It draws from the traditions of the Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminist movements, the Knights Templars of the middle ages and early Christian Gnosticism and the Pagan Mystery Schools. Aleister Crowley served as outer head of the Order of the Ordo Templi Orientis, until his death in 1947, when he was succeeded by Karl Germer. Similar to many secret societies, O.T.O. membership is based on an initiatory system with a series of degree ceremonies that use ritual drama to establish fraternal bonds and impart spiritual and philosophical teachings. Several Christian churches consider O.T.O. to be Satanic. O.T.O. currently operates in 18 countries around the world with over 3,000 active members.

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.. kaže...

There are less than 500 ACTIVE members worldwide now, due to the mismanagement of Bill Breeze and Dave Scriven since the 1990s. 3000 was an INFLATED pseudo-peak of ARGUABLY affiliated people (not full members). There are actually fewer than 300 active members in the U.S.A. alone.

The O.T.O. is dying a long, slow and pitiful death, a consequence of internal poisoning by the O.H.O. (Breeze) and the U.S. Head (Scriven).

JAG ACE kaže...

It is restructuring

You must not know much about the occult.

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